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Java Developer's Reference




by Mike Cohn
    Bryan Morgan
    Michael Morrison
    Michael T. Nygard
    Dan Joshi
    Tom Trinko

C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S

PART I  The Java Development System

Chapter 1  Introduction to Java

Chapter 2  Installing Java

Chapter 3  The Java Language

Chapter 4  Java for C++ Programmers

Chapter 5  Java for Delphi Programmers

Chapter 6  Java for Visual Baisc Programmers

Chapter 7  Developing Java Applets

Chapter 8  Developing Java Applications

Chapter 9  javac : The Java Compiler

Chapter 10  java : The Java Interpreter

Chapter 11  Using the Applet Viewer

Chapter 12  HTML for Java Programmers

Chapter 13  HotJava and Other Java-Enabled Browsers

Chapter 14  Using javah

Chapter 15  jdb: The Java Debugger

Chapter 16  Using JavaDoc to Document Your Program

PART II  Using the Java Packages

Chapter 17  Programming the User Interface

Chapter 18  Writing Secure Programs

Chapter 19  Extending Your Programs with Native Methods

Chapter 20  Working with Threads

Chapter 21  Event Handling

Chapter 22  Exception Handling

Chapter 23  Using Observers

Chapter 24  Using the Provided Data Structures

Chapter 25  Working with Databases

Chapter 26  Network-Aware Programming

PART III  Package, Class, and Interface Reference

Chapter 27  Package java.applet

Chapter 28  Package java.awt

Chapter 29  Packages java.awt image

Chapter 30  Package java.awt.peer

Chapter 31  Package

Chapter 32  Package java.lang

Chapter 33  Package

Chapter 34  Package java.util

Chapter 35  Package


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Special Thanks from Mike Cohn:

I would like to thank Jim Kearns and Jim Steeb of Access Health for their encouragement and for providing a cutting edge environment that needs products like Java. Thanks also to the two teachers who taught me how to write-John Dale, formerly of Rancho Alamitos High School, and my mother, Carlene. Special thanks to my daughter, Savannah, for just being who you are. Finally, nothing would be possible without the love and encouragement I receive from my wife, Laura. I love you. Thanks for being my kid's mom.

Special Thanks from Michael Morrison:

I'd like to thank my faithful and now legal accomplice, Mahsheed, for all your love and support.

Special Thanks from Tom Trinko:

Special thanks to the good Lord for all His blessings, especially my wife Colleen and the kids-Kate, Peter, Ted, Mary, and Therese.

About the Authors

Mike Cohn is the Director of Information Technology at Access Health, Inc., the leading provider of personal health management. Before that he was with Andersen Consulting and the Adler Consulting Group in New York. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Idaho and has been programming for 16 years. Mike lives in Cameron Park, California with his wife, Laura, and their daughter, Savannah.

Bryan Morgan is a software engineer with TASC, Inc. in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University and is currently using Java to build Web applications as well as to perform Web-based distributed interactive simulations. Bryan and his wife, Becky, are expecting their first child in November 1996. Bryan is the co-author of Teach Yourself SQL in 14 Days and Teach Yourself ODBC in 21 Days for Sams Publishing.

Michael Morrison is the author of Teach Yourself Internet Game Programming with Java in 21 Days, co-author of Windows 95 Game Developer's Guide, Using the Game SDK, and is a contributing author of Tricks of the Java Programming Gurus and Java Unleashed.

Michael Nygard received his B.S. from the California Institute of Technology in 1994. He is currently employed by TASC, Inc. in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where he is a Member of Technical Staff in the Simulation Technologies Department. Michael investigates leading-edge technologies and is currently focusing on Java, Delphi, and Windows NT.

Dan Joshi is a professional developer working for several Fortune 100 companies. He currently owns his own Internet-based consulting company, The Joshi Group. Dan is also a co-author of Teach Yourself Java in Cafe in 21 Days.

Tom Trinko, Mad Scientist. Born human. Unclear if he's stayed same. Worked on just about every type of computer since 1972. Expert on the world's only user-friendly computers, the Macintosh and Newton, with a couple of books on Mac scripting on his resume. When coherent, he can be reached at, 72147,3723 on CompuServe, or via his Web page at, which features some nice (in his unbiased opinion) Java stuff, including a cellular automata engine.

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