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Java Unleashed Second Edition

Appendix B -- Class Hierarchy Diagrams

Appendix B

Class Hierarchy Diagrams

by Charles L. Perkins and Michael Morrison


About These Diagrams

The diagrams in this appendix are class hierarchy diagrams for the package Java and for all the subpackages recursively below it in the Java 1.02 binary release.

Each page contains the class hierarchy for one package (or a subtree of a particularly large package) with all its interfaces included. Each class in this tree is shown attached to its superclasses, even if they are on another page. A detailed key is located on the first page of this appendix.

I supplemented the API documentation by looking through all the source files to find all the (missing) package classes and their relationships.

I've heard there are various programs that automatically lay out hierarchies for you, but I did these the old-fashioned way. (In other words, I earned it, as J.H. used to say). One nice side effect is that these diagrams should be more readable than a computer would produce, though you will have to live with my aesthetic choices. I chose, for example, to attach lines through the center of each class node, something that I think looks and feels better overall but which, on occasion, can be a little confusing. Follow lines through the center of the classes (not at the corners, nor along any line not passing through the center) to connect the dots mentally.