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Java Unleashed

Java Unleashed Sams Net

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Everything You Need To Know To Master Java!


Nothing short of the World Wide Web itself has captured the attention of the Internet community as much as Java. Java, a Web programming technology, could forever alter the course of software development, especially in regard to the Internet. Java sports all features necessary for extending the Web in ways previously impossible. Java was designed with issues such as portability and reliability in mind. Java is an absolute essential for applications that are to run on the Internet. Java has stirred up so much excitement mainly because of what you can do with it on the Web. Java first introduced inline sound and animation in Web pages, and also added interactive Web pages, including games implemented in Java. Because of Java, the entire concept of the Web and what it can do is being redefined. In Java Unleashed, you will learn what Java is, what it can do, and how to use it. Many aspects of Java programming are covered, with lots of example source code to try out in your own Web pages. You can find out the difference between Java and C++, and what Java class libraries are. Aside from programming, there are plenty of other areas covered that you may need and will surely find interesting. For example, Java networking definitely delivers. You can write your own chat program, and learn how to load a URL from a Java applet. The Java networking support will not disappoint you! You can learn about Netscape 2.0's Java-related capabilities, security issues and master Java language fundamentals. You will also learn how to create games to be played on the Internet, and extend Java with content and protocol handlers. Ready to add spice to your Web site? With Java applets, the most popular usage of the Java programming language, you can learn how to write and design applets with the Java applet package. When learning Java, you will be able to exploit the full power and functionality of JavaScript, which can enhance your Web site even more. Also, the impact of Java on various real-world issues is discussed, along with what the future holds for Java and the Web in general.

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