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Java Unleashed

Java Unleashed--Appendix E

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Appendix E

Java Resources

This is a list of online information sources about the Java programming language, the Java-enabled browsers, and related technologies.

Much of the information in this appendix changes often. For updates on the Java information sources listed in this appendix, visit

Sun’s Java Sites

Sun Microsystems, the developers of Java, offers the best online one-stop, comprehensive source of technical documentation and information about Java on their Web site at

Also, see Sun’s Java contest Web site,

Some sites around the world mirror this information, so you can pick a server from the list below that is close to you, or consult Sun’s list of Java mirror sites. Here are sites that are known to be updated frequently:

Java Information Collection Sites

These are high-level Java information collection sites outside of Sun Microsystems:

Java Discussion Forums

These are forums where you can take part in or monitor discussions about Java:

Notable Individual Java Webs

These individual webs focus on some specific aspect of Java development, information, or products:

These diagrams are also shown in Appendix B. (Charles L. Perkins is also the author of Chapters 15, 16, 38, and 39 in this book.)

Java Index Sites

These are indexes of Java information:

Object-Oriented Information

Because Java is an object-oriented language, these sites can help you connect to more information about object-oriented terminology, design, and programming:

Java Players and Licensees

These are key press announcements from licensees and developers of Java products:

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