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Presenting JavaBeans

Presenting JavaBeans

Presenting JavaBeans

Table of Contents:


Part I Introduction to JavaBeans

1 Software Component Basics

2 Welcome to JavaBeans

3 The JavaBeans API at a Glance

Part II Inside the JavaBeans API

4 Manipulating Bean Properties

5 Introspection: Getting to Know a Bean

6 Handling Bean Events

7 Persistence: Saving Beans for a Rainy Day

8 Customization: Bean Support for Application Builders

Part III Creating Your Own Beans

9 Bean Construction Basics

10 A Fancy Button Bean

11 A Meter Bar Bean

12 An LED Display Bean

13 An Audio Player Bean

P art IV Advanced Issues and the Future of JavaBeans

14 Hand Coding Applications with JavaBeans

15 Advanced JavaBeans

16 The Future of JavaBeans

Part V Appendixes

A JavaBeans Online Resources

B JavaBeans API Quick Reference

C What's on the CD-ROM?