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Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours

Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours

Appendix A

HTML Learning Resources on the Internet

General HTML Information

The 24-Hour HTML Café (The online companion to this book)

Microsoft Internet

Netscape Communications

The Developer's JumpStation

The HTML Writer's Guild

The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Netscape's HTML Assistance Pages

The World Wide Web FAQ

Tim Berners-Lee's Style Guide

Web Pages that Suck

The HTML Guru

Carlos' Forms Tutorial

Recommended Software

Paint Shop Pro (A highly recommended Windows graphics editor)


Perl Library to Manage CGI and Forms

Mapedit (A tool for Windows and X11 for creating image map map files)

HotSpots (A Windows image map tool)

Software Archives (Best source for almost any type of free or inexpensive software for all types of computers)

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

Dave Central Software Archive

Cool Helpers Page

WinSite Windows Software Archive


Graphics Wonderland

Kira's Icon Library

Anthony's Icon Library

Barry's Clip Art Server

256 Color Square

Color Triplet Chart

Imaging Machine

Frequently Asked Questions About JPEG

Frequently Asked Questions from

Dick Oliver's Nonlinear Nonsense Netletter

Multimedia and Virtual Reality





Macromedia's Shockwave

NCompass Plug-in for Netscape Navigator

Multimedia Authoring Languages

The VRML Repository


Gamelan (Java resource registry)

TechWeb's ActiveXpress

Standards and Specifications

The Home of the WWW Consortium

Secure HTTP Information

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Information

Current List of Official MIME Types

HTML Validators

HTML Validation Service


Lvrfy (Link checker)


Directories with HTML Information

Yahoo! World Wide Web

HotWired's WebMonkey

Cool Site of the Day

HTML and WWW Tools Index

Internet Resources Meta-Index

Web Service Providers List

Lycos Web Publishing Index

InfoSeek HTML Index

TechWeb's HTML Authoring Tools