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Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days

Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days -- Week 2 In Review --

Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days

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- Week 2 In Review -

Week 2 begins by addressing the remaining topics related to managing database storage, including the Oracle redo log files, control files, rollback segments (Day 8), and managing data (Day 9). Day 9 covers how to load data using SQL*Loader, Export, and Import.

Managing Users and Processes

Days 10 and 11 taught you how to create and alter user accounts in the Oracle database as well as how to manage the various Oracle processes. You also learned how to manage the Oracle job queues and how to schedule jobs for later execution.

Managing the Database Schema

Days 12-14 cover the database schema, including table and index creation as well as clusters and views.

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