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Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days

Week 1 -- In Review

WEEK -- 1

In Review

This first week provided you with the context of what VBScript is and how you can use it to extend the capabilities of environments such as World Wide Web pages. You saw some basic examples of this and covered the fundamentals of how to build scripts yourself. Although you might not be a VBScript guru yet, you have reached the point where you can compose a fundamental script and understand the elements of it.

Where You Have Been

At the start of the week, you saw the overall picture of VBScript and the World Wide Web. That was followed by a good look at the specific purpose and capabilities of VBScript. Then, one-by-one, you learned about the specific fundamentals that you must master in order to use the language effectively. You saw how to use variables, operators, control structures, and procedures-all of which are the building blocks for the progressively more powerful scripts you will build in the days ahead.