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Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days

Week 2 -- At a Glance


At a Glance

With the background you gained in Week 1, you are ready to move on to some more advanced uses of the VBScript language. This week you will gain a fuller appreciation for the power and flexibility of VBScript, and you will pick up the skills needed to write programs that exploit this. This week includes a discussion of how you can make your scripts interact with other objects, controls, and components to easily expand their capabilities.

Where You Are Going

This week starts with at look at intrinsic HTML input controls. These controls can serve as the building blocks for sophisticated scripts that make truly interactive Web pages. You'll learn about the full range of controls, including the text box, radio button, check box, and others. Next, the attention turns to how your scripts can integrate components-particularly ActiveX objects-through the HTML object declaration. After you have the background, you'll examine a variety of controls and then consider how VBScript interacts with some of the other types of components, such as ActiveVRML and Java applets. By this point, the scripts you are capable of tackling have become increasingly sophisticated, so we take a look at keeping the scripts manageable through the use of good standards and conventions strategies. Finally, you'll learn about user interface strategies to help you pull all these areas together. After having mastered this body of material during the week, you will be ready to tackle the advanced script subjects in the week to come.