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Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days

Week 3 -- At a Glance


At a Glance

By now you have a very good background for creating your own VBScript code. You have a well-grounded understanding of the basic language elements and component integration, the core of scripting, but there are still some important weapons missing from your arsenal. You need advanced functions and techniques that can help you develop scripts even more quickly with more flexibility. Advanced functions in string handling, math, dates, and other areas will round out your knowledge of the VBScript syntax. In addition, there are some im-portant strategic areas where a keen understanding of various approaches will lead to better scripts of your own. This is true in a wide variety of areas, including finding bugs, advanced user interface techniques, validation and server techniques, porting code, and security. By the end of this third week, you will have knowledge of all the VBScript fundamentals. In addition, you will be aware of the many advanced strategical techniques and will understand the key ancillary issues that go along with this language.

Where You Are Going

The week starts with a look at advanced string functions on Day 15. Working with math and dates will be introduced on Day 16. Day 17 will take a look at exterminating bugs from your script, and Day 18 will show you how to use advanced user interface techniques in your script. Dynamic page flow and server submittal strategies will be covered on Day 19. Day 20 will discuss porting between Visual Basic and VBScript. Finally, key security and server considerations will be addressed on Day 21.