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Web Database Developer's Guide with Visual Basic 5

Web Database with Visual Basic 5

Web Database
Developer's Guide
with Visual Basic® 5


I The Essential Web Basics for Visual Basic Programmers

1 The Internet, World Wide Web, and Intranets

2 Doing Business on the Web

II Architectural Overview

3 Client/Server Computing

4 HTTP Server and Browser Components

III Database Design and SQL

5 Database and Site Design

6 Database and Data Repository Access Methods


IV Visual Basic Core Topics for Internet Developers

8 Using Classes and Objects in Visual Basic 5

9 Visual Basic 5 Data Access Features

V Client-Side Development Using HTML, ActiveX, and Visual Basic Scripting

10 An Overview of HTML 3.2

11 Developing HTML Forms for Database Access and Application Interfaces

12 Introduction to Client-Side Web Application Development Using VBScript

13 ActiveX and ActiveX Controls

14 Developing Advanced Forms for Database Access and Application Interfaces

VI Client-Side Development Using Visual Basic 5

15 Creating ActiveX Documents for the Web with VB 5

16 Creating ActiveX Controls for the Web with VB 5

17 Distributing ActiveX Documents and Controls via the Web Using VB 5

VII Server-Side Database Applications Development

18 The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

19 Database Results Presentation Using HTML and CGI

20 The IIS Internet Database Connector (IDC)

21 Active Server Pages, OLE DB, and Active Data Objects

22 Writing Server-Side Applications with VB 5 ActiveX Components

23 MS SQL Server Internet Capabilities

VIII Web Database Examples and Applications

24 The Development of a PC-Based WWW Database System

25 A Card Shop Application Using ASP

26 Building a Simple Order-Entry Application Template


A Features New to Visual Basic 5

B Visual Basic 5 Naming Conventions

C VBScript Language Reference

D Coding and Naming Conventions for VBScript Developers

E Web Database Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

F Online WWW Database Development Resources

G An Overview of MIME

H DBGateway Installation and User's Manual