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Web Programming Desktop Reference 6in1


Web Programming
               Desktop Reference


     Michael Afergan, et. al.

C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S

Chapter 1  Understanding the HTML Reference Section

Chapter 2  HTML Quick Tables

Chapter 3  HTML Reference

Chapter 4  HTML Reference Tables

Chapter 5  Internet Glossary

Chapter 6  Understanding the Perl Reference Section

Chapter 7  Perl Overview

Chapter 8  Perl Special Variables

Chapter 9  Perl Operators

Chapter 10  Perl Functions

Chapter 11  Perl Regular Expressions

Chapter 12  Perl Reference Tables

Chapter 13  Understanding the Java Reference Section

Chapter 14  Java API Reference

Chapter 15  Java Syntax Reference

Chapter 16  Java Action Index

Chapter 17  Index of Java Fields

Chapter 18  Index of Java Methods

Chapter 19  Index of Java Classes and Interfaces

Chapter 20  Understanding the JavaScript Reference Section

Chapter 21  JavaScript Reference

Chapter 22  JavaScript Statements

Chapter 23  JavaScript Operators

Chapter 24  JavaScript Reference Tables

Chapter 25  JavaScript Task Reference

Chapter 26  JavaScript Internet Resources

Chapter 27  Understanding the Visual Basic Script Reference Section

Chapter 28  VBScript Reference

Chapter 29  Overview of ActiveX

Chapter 30  ActiveX Control Reference

Chapter 31  The ActiveX Control Pad


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About the Authors

Michael Afergan began working with Java early in the spring of 1995 through his research work at the MIT AI labs. Since then, he has carefully studied its growth, developing practical applets for large businesses as an independent consultant. Michael is a founding member of TeamJava, a network of Java professionals, and is also a weekly contributor to Digital Espresso, Java's online weekly digest. Michael was a contributing author for Using Java and has taught Java overseas.

Although only 18, Michael has been programming for ten years and even taught a class on computer science at MIT. Captain of his high-school wrestling team, Michael was accepted to every school to which he applied, including MIT, Princeton, UPenn, and Cornell. He is currently attending Harvard University, where he was accepted for early admission. You can reach him at His official Web page address is

Rick Darnell is a Midwest native currently living with his wife and two daughters in Missoula, MT. He began his career in print at a small weekly newspaper after graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in broadcasting. While spending time as a freelance journalist and writer, Rick has seen the full gamut of personal computers since starting out with a Radio Shack Model I in the late 1970s. When not in front of his computer, he serves as a volunteer firefighter and member of a regional hazardous materials response team.

Brian Farrar received his B.A. from Wabash College in 1985 in English and economics. He completed an MBA from Indiana University in 1987. He began his career at GTE and progressed through a series of positions until 1994, when he left to start an Internet and intranet consulting practice for Metamor Technologies. Through this consulting practice, Brian has helped some of the largest companies in the world decide on and deploy Internet technologies to solve business problems. His most recent Que title is Special Edition Using ActiveX.

Russell L. Jacobs is a programmer/analyst for The Prudential. He is also the president of SoftWare Alchemy. He has been programming on the PC for ten years using Pascal, BASIC, C, and C++ in the DOS, Windows, OS/2, and NT environments. Russ has contributed his expertise as technical editor for over ten Que books, including Visual Basic 3 By Example, OS/S 2.1 Red Book for Developers, and Killer Borland C++.

David Medinets has been programming since 1980, when he started with a Radio Shack Model I. He still fondly remembers the days when he could cross-wire the keyboard to create funny-looking characters on the display. Since those days he has spent time debugging Emacs on UNIX machines, working on VAXen, and messing about with DOS microcomputers. David lives in Flanders, NJ with his wife Kathy and his two computers. He works at Prudential Insurance in Roseland, NJ, producing reams of printed output. His prior work has included co-authoring Special Edition Using Turbo C++ 4.5 for Windows and creating CD-ROMs, Windows Help files, and electronic books. David can be reached at with any comments.

Robert Mullen is a computer book author, HTML author, freelance writer, and editor-at-large living in northern California. Robert has authored or co-authored more than 16 computer books for personal computer users. Robert also publishes a computer industry watchdog publication called CoolBlue! Magazine at on the World Wide Web.

Mícheál Ó Foghlú is a lecturer in Applied Computing and Information Systems at Waterford Regional Technical College, Ireland ( Up until September 1996, he was working in the Computer Services department at University College, Galway, Ireland ( His interests include Natural Language Processing, WWW programming and development, Linux, computing using the Irish language, and Z39.50. When not slaving over a hot computer, he is sometimes seen nursing a quiet pint while listening to loud Irish music, and/or meandering through the hills in no particular direction. He can be contacted at the e-mail address

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