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Assembly Language Tutor
Large single page tutorial with topics ranging from introductory material to complete code examples.
Assembly Language Programming
Very nice Assembly tutorial geared towards the more advanced Assembly programmer. Topics include processor status, flags, the stack, procedure calls, and file processing.

Assembly Tutorial
Great basic Assembly tutorial and a safe place to start out. Topics include memory segmentation, the stack, and addressing memory.
If you are looking for information or tutorials on assembly programming under Linux and Unix operating systems, this is the right place to be.
Assembly Language
15 part in depth Assembly tutorial consisting of sections such as "interrupts and real-time considerations","Asm, directives and data types", and "Asm, Parameter Passing".
Webster Assembly
One of the best Assembly sites out there. Feautures tutorials, support forums, and links to countless ASM/Assembly resources.

Linux Assembly "Hello World" Tutorial
A short "Hello World" assembly tutorial.
Ketman Assembly Language Tutorial
This is a downloadable tutorial for 8086 assembler. Uses his unique "assembly-language interpreter".
Free Assembly Training and Tutorials
Collection of links to great Assembler reference and tutorial sites. Also includes lectures and lessons on Assembly language programming.


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