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.NET Framework


Using the .NET Framework
Microsoft's MSDN resource for developing with the .NET framework. Areas include getting started, help in migrating to the .NET framework, training, building apps, deployment, and distribution.

Microsoft .NET Tutorials
Collection of .NET tutorials include .NET object serialization, image manipulation, asynchronous web service communications, and working with the registry.
W3Schools Microsoft.NET ("dotnet")
Includes an introduction to .NET, .NET core building blocks and classes, and .NET standards.
ADO.NET Overview
MSDN overview of ADO.NET. Design goals, ADO.NET architecture, and sample applications.
Data Access with ADO.NET
How to write a data access tier with C# and the .NET framework.
.NET Mobile Tutorial
Using the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (.NET Mobile).
Introducing the .NET Framework
6 part tutorial with chapters including user interfaces, benefits of .NET, and summary of .NET languages.

.NET Framework Comprehensive Tutorial
Highly recommended very large .NET framework tutorial. Includes tutorial, references and lots of good sample code.
Visual Studio .NET How-To Resources
Resources include VS.NET macros, how-to create strong named assembly, using forms authentication, encryption and much more.
Code Project .NET Articles
Articles include Fortran.NET, COM interop, J#, GDI+, and MFC/ATL for VC++ 7.
Web Development with the .NET Framework
Large 12 part .NET framework tutorial. Sections include introduction to the web and .NET, .NET framework class library, the CLR, and .NET framework application design.
.NET WinForms (Windows Forms) Quickstart
Quickstart tutorial from Microsoft covering all aspects of developing Windows Forms. Covers topics from building forms to controls used on them.
Taking Advantage of the .NET Framework Classes
Basics tutorial teaching you how to reference and utilize .NET framework classes.
Overview of .NET Framework
Nice multiple page tutorial. Topics include serialization, metadeta, reflection, types, late binding, stream classes, IO, file and path, threading, and context.
.NET Tutorial
Excellent multi-page .NET tutorial. Sections include design goals, metadata, namespaces, .NET framework base classes, Visual Studio .NET, and the .NET languages.
XML, Web Services, and the .NET Framework
Four page tutorial from covering web services and other XML related framework issues.
.NET Fundamentals FAQ
Comprehensive FAQ covering the .NET Framework. FAQ sections include security, CLR, COM Interop, garbage collection, remoting, and XML.
Introduction to .NET and C#. Use of XML in .NET, enterprise servers, remoting, and future technologies are all covered.
N-Tier Applications and .NET
An article explaining some of the basic principles of N-Tier architecture and how it fits within .NET.
Using .NET Framework Multithreading and GDI+ to Enrich the User Experience.
Some tips and tricks on how to extend the .NET Framework. Thread design and basic GDI+ techniques are discussed along with sample C# code snippets.
.NET 247 Reference
Great .NET reference with lots of good articles and a complete Framework class explorer. Learn to program using .NET discussion forums as well.
.NET Technology Tutorials
Many chapters include C# language, Windows programming, Exception handling, Whidbey, Yukon, and Indigo.


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