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PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
A good place to start for beginner's in PERL. Includes a tutorial and search engine.
Perl Tutorial
A nice comprehensive tutorial covering filehandling, control structures, arrays and much more.

Perl Intro Tutorial
Perl tutorial which works better with some basic programming experience.
The Perl Programming Language
A "getting started" tutorial on perl. Great tutorial with self test quizzes along the way!
Introduction to Perl
16 part Perl tutorial from the University of Missouri. Takes you from matching and parsing through common goofs when developing with Perl.
Perl for Win32 - Basic Tutorial v1.0
A tutorial for using Perl on Win32 platforms. Large single page tutorial with many smaller code samples and explainations.
The Perl You Need to Know
Probably the largest Perl tutorial found to date. 25 sections covering everything from maintaining state to benchmarking Perl.
Beginning Perl Tutorials
Great collection of various beginning Perl programming tutorials.
Free Perl Tutorials
Perl programming 101 from includes articles and tutorials.
Webknowhow Perl Tutorial
5 part perl tutorial. Sections include flow control, variables and literals, file handles, regular expressions, and perl modules.
Beginner's Into to Perl
5 part series of articles including code snippets explaining the merits of Perl and how to find your way around the language. Highly recommended first read if you are interested in learning to program with Perl.

Introduction to Perl 5 for Web Developers
Nice series of slides covering individual topics in Perl. Topics covered include references, variable localization, object-oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, modules, and using "qw".
Perlmonks Tutorials
Site has links to various Perl tutorials on Areas touched are true/false in Perl, while loops, file I/O, operators, and of course regular expressions.
JuicyStudio Perl Tutorial
Interesting smaller Perl tutorial site. Aimed mostly at web or CGI development using Perl.
Learn Perl in Two Hours
Large single page free Perl tutorial with tons of good information and Perl code snippets.


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