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Web Based Programming Tutorials

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The Official Liberty BASIC Tutorial
Six week Liberty Basic programming tutorial. Liberty basic is similar to QBasic but easier to learn. A great language to start learning to program with!
Using Liberty BASIC 2
A great site with a Liberty Basic tutorial, references and more.

The Liberty Basic Newsletter Online
The Liberty Basic Newsletter from Lot's of archived newsletters with useful info.
Mr. Ryles' Technology Pages
Nice Liberty Basic site with sections including downloads, modules, and more.
BASIC Central
Links to 12 seperate QBasic tutorials and additional links to games and graphics tutorials.
Mallard's QBasic Manual
Mallard's QBasic manual includes 5 chapters covering topics from PRINT, INPUT, NEXT, GOTO, IF-THEN, WHILE, WEND, and random access files.
QP7 QBasic Tutorial
Tutorial touching QBasic topics such as variables, advanced data manipulation, graphics, application design, and beyond QBasic.

Programming in (Q)Basic Tutorial
Single page QBasic tutorial hitting beginner level topics.
QBasic tutorial
Multi chapter QBasic tutorial spread over several pages. First page begins with basic commands.'s QBasic page for newbies, a tutorial page, forum, chatroom and much more.
Pete's Qbasic Site
Check out Pete's tutorials page for over 100 tutorials.
QBasic Station
Outstanding QBasic site chock full of tutorials at all levels. Also a great forum and QBasic programs to download.


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