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Visual Basic 6


VBTutor.Net Tutorial
This site has a great tutorial with detailed information on using VB's IDE interface and helping you through a few sample programs!
Introduction to Visual Basic
A complete Visual Basic course of study at Students who have little programming experience can expect to spend between 1 and 2 hours on each lesson. The total time to take the course is claimed to be 12 weeks.
Visual Basic Tutorials
A small collection of tutorials mostly aimed at the intermediate Visual Basic programmer. Items covered include menus, printing, controls, graphics, dialogs, database and drag and drop.

Web Visual Basic Tutorial
Excellent multi-part tutorial, divided into several sections leading you from beginning VB 6 tips to more advanced development techniques. Tutorials
Links to VB 6.0 tutorials from introductory tutorials to OOP with VB 6.0. Also many other VB related tutorials.
Visual Basic Books and Tutorials
This site offers many free online Visual Basic courses and tutorials in many categories. Lesson areas include, beginner,database, activex, object oriented programming, and more VB 6 help. Including how to write your first VB program.
Using Windows API in VB Tutorial
This tutorial is about how to add additional functionality to your Visual Basic applications by using the Windows Advanced Programming Interface (API).
VB Helper Tutorials
Some advanced VB tutorials here including database handling, graphics, and error handling. Also click the "How To" link for more mini VB tutorials.
DAO Basics
A step-by-step tutorial on using the DAO (Data Access Objects) control.
Visual Basic FAQ
A nice Visual Basic FAQ Site.
WCI VB Sample Code
A small set of code with explanations on miscellaneous VB and database topics.
Active X Tutorial
Here is a tutorial that teaches beginning developers how to write their first Visual Basic Active X control!

Visual Basic Tutorial
A huge 46 page online VB tutorial. Topics include working with listboxes, events, handling mouse and keyboard input, strings, files, modules, and distributing your VB app.
Great Visual Basic search and reference site with links to many great VB 6 tutorials and how-to's.
Visual Basic Developers Resource Center
Another great VB resource site with articles, tutorials, and good links.


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