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Visual Basic .NET


Getting Started with Visual Basic .NET
Excellent VB.Net tutorial from MSDN academic alliance. Eight part multi-page tutorial. Also includes source code, downloadable project files, and executables.
Using Visual Basic .NET
Microsoft's MSDN resource for developing with VB.NET. Areas include getting started, migrating VB 6 apps to VB.NET, building apps, deployment, and distribution.
Devarticles Visual Basic.NET
Nice collection of VB.NET articles and tutorials. String encryption, regular expressions, forms inheritance, deployment, file watching, and many more.

VBDotNetHeaven.Com Tutorials
Page chock full of interesting VB.Net tutorials. Many assorted topics are covered including assemblies, GDI+, strings, VB.Net with XML, exception handling and working with the registry.
Free VB.Net Tutorials
Great site for articles/tutorials on Visual Basic .Net and other .Net categories. Tons of helpful articles here covering topics ranging from data access to menus.
Implementing Interfaces in VB .NET
Tutorial covers defining and implementing classes and interfaces using Visual Basic.Net.
VBCity Visual Basic.Net Resources
One of the best VB.Net development sites. Great articles, tutorials and resources.

About Visual Basic .NET
Introducing VB.NET with links to some sample VB.NET downloads.
Tracing, Logging, and Threading in VB.NET
MSDN tutorial covering tracing and logging in VB.NET to help debug and trace out your VB.NET apps. Help with thread synchronization and thread pooling. VB.NET Tutorials
Object oriented capabilities in VB.NET, COM Interoperability, Watching Folder Activity, Error Handling, Inheritance, and Polymorphism among other topics.
Object-Oriented Capabilities in VB.NET
Creating classes and namespaces in Visual Basic.NET.
101 VB.NET Code Samples
Impressive list of code samples from Microsoft. Samples include windows forms, security, web services, data access, and the .NET framework.
Creating a Windows Service Using VB.NET
Multi-page tutorial with sample code and screen shots.
VB.NET Example Program
Download and reference Chilkat's VB.NET examples for samples on mail, encryption, and more. Free VB.NET Sample Code
Pages of VB.NET sample code and VB.NET examples.
Welcome to Visual Basic .NET
If you are new to VB.NET this multi-page tutorial/article gives a great background, history, and overview.
Start VB.NET
Great starting VB.NET set for students who want to understand VB.NET! Sections include OOP Basics, Winforms, ADO.NET, Multithreading, and deployment.
Your First VB.NET Program
Step by step instructions on how to create your first winform program using Visual Basic .NET.


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