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Web Based Programming Tutorials

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Web Services


Web Services Tutorial: Understanding XML and XML Schema
Two part tutorial covering the basics of web services, what makes a web service, and the XML standard forming the underlying layer in web services.
Web Service Tutorial in C#
Nice single page tutorial with sample code demonstrating how to create and consume a C# web service using Visual Studio.NET.

Java/C++ Web Services
Several tutorials to guide you through creating and deploying web services using both Java and C++. SOAP messaging, a detailed view of WSDL and more helpful tutorials. Web Services
Good resource for articles and tutorials on web services. Topics such as WSDL essentials, web services security, UDDI, and a web services glossary. Tutorials
Tutorials on SOAP, web services, XML-RPC to SOAP, and much more.
Test-Drive Microsoft's WSDK (Web Services Development Kit)
Eight part tutorial/article going into great detail on what to expect and how to use Microsoft's WSDK. Samples are in VB.NET. Topics range from security to routing.
Build Your First Web Service With Visual Studio .NET
Nice little single page tutorial on how to create a web service with Visual Studio .NET and VB.NET.

Creating a .NET Web Service
Great tutorial on how to develop and test web service using C#. Don't miss the countless links at the bottom of this one to their many other web service articles either.
Building XML Web Services Using C# and ASP.NET
This tutorial will explain what a web service is and lead you through creating some sample web services. In the end it demonstrates some real world examples.
Creating Web Services with .Net and Visual Studio
Very comprehensive highly recommended tutorial. Topics include web services 101, WSDL, creating a web service, testing a web service, debugging, web references, and more.
Creating and Consuming .NET Web Services in Five Easy Steps
Great .NET web services tutorial with samples in C# and VB.NET!
4GuysFromRolla Creating a Web Service
Two part tutorial with simple code samples in Visual Basic .NET.
Web Services Primer
Language independent multi-page tutorial with nice diagrams explaining the fundamentals of web services. Learn how and why to use a web service in your architecture.
C# Web Services
Nice smaller single page web service tutorial. Link at bottom to download the entire tutorial with source code.
W3Schools .NET Web Services
Excellent resources/tutorials page from Includes an XML tutorial, SOAP tutorial, and WSDL tutorial.
ASP.NET Web Service
Tutorial on how to create, test, and use a web service written using C#. Downloadable tutorial and source included.
Web Services Explained
A center for learning about Web Services without the hype. Comparisons of web services from Microsoft .NET and Java points of view.


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